What to Expect

  When coming in for your first visit it is best to wear loose fitting clothes such as track pants and a loose shirt such as a T shirt. During your initial visit a thorough health history will be taken and is important as it is used to help determine the precise treatment plan and if anything should be avoided due to past medical history.

    All treatments are performed fully clothed and are extremely gentle. After an assessment that focusses on determining the patterns present in the body so that treatment can be administered appropriately you will be placed either on your back or stomach to begin treatment. All treatments are aimed at being inhibitory to the body in order to relax the nervous system and allow a more effective and long lasting treatment that is better accepted and integrated into the body. Treatments are also aimed at being no more then 20-30 minutes in order to maximize the beneficial effects towards the body.

    During treatment we will address all areas of the body that are dysfunctional and re-integrate them into the normal movements of the rest of the body. Often times there are areas related to the main area of concern that the patient did not realize were dysfunctional and painful until after we have found them and corrected them, doing away with the dysfunction and allowing the body to heal itself comfortably.

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